Our Factory

In a space the size of three soccer pitches, Zed takes ingredients from all over the world and turns them, with a passion into delicious creations, sending them to over 40 countries across the globe.
If you walked around the factory you would be met by giant American mixers stuffed with a soft tutti-frutti smelling dough gently bobbing up and down. The Z-Blades churn a pink warm homogenised mass of ingredients into soft bubble gum. In the forming rooms gum balls hop with a ping as they spring to life off the French formers, scurrying along cold tables and into trays for curing. In the coating rooms, Jelly beans spin and bounce in the giant German coating pans as they are shined to perfection. In the packing room, machines chug along as if to a silent conductor as the finished candies slide and fall into their final packs, ready for eager consumers to enjoy.
Whether its Jumbo Jelly Beans for Australia (the Black ones are to die for), special “party” gum balls for America (silver and gold are my favourite) or weird shaped “Tetines” for France, they all bear the imprint of Zed’s unique passion.
Every year independent auditors for the British Retail Consortium standards organisation for food production arrive at Zed HQ and poke into every nook and cranny. They leave handing a proud Zed and his team an A-Grade for quality systems and standards.