5 Fun Facts about Bubble Gum

5 Fun Facts about Bubble Gum
Hey Everyone, Zed here!

Bubble gum... sure we all know it, but how well? In this blog, I'll be talking you through my favourite, lesser know, facts about Bubble gum. When I was creating fan-favourites like Rain-blo, Golf balls and Big Sour Zappers, I learned a thing or two about everyone's favourite candy.

Detective Bubble

Did you know that bubble gum has been used to solve crimes? Used pieces of gum left behind at the scene of a crime by litterbug lawbreakers have helped Police catch the criminal! While probably the grossest part of crime-fighting examining the teeth marks left behind in the gum has let Police identify criminals based on their dental records!

So if you find yourself on the run from the law, don't add littering to your crimes!

Power gum

Ever been battling against a Strawberry Jawbreaker and wonder just how much energy am I burning through? What if you multiplied that amount for all the kids (and adults) chewing away in a whole country?

Well wonder no more! One clever mathematician rolled up their sleeves, broke out a pencil and paper and worked it out. The amount of electricity generated is shocking to say the least. Every day American children and adult's bubble gum chomping generates enough energy to light up a city of ten million people.

Ever have a song stuck in your head that you can't get rid of?

Something to sing about


Maybe your parents like to sing show tunes in the morning that are still lodged in your brain come lunch time? Well don't worry, here comes one of our most useful facts about bubble gum to the rescue! That's right, chewing on your favorite pack of Rain-blo will banish the sound of an unwanted song from your mind! 

So next time you have one of your Parent's golden oldies rattling around your head, just grab some delicious Zed Candy gum and the song will be gone before you can pop your first bubble!

Stop you from crying


Chewing bubble gum helps to keep you from crying. That's why chefs worldwide swear by chewing gum to keep the tears away. After all, crying is an occupational hazard when you're chopping up onions all day.

Although... I wonder, what happens if you get a really, really, delicious Jawbreaker? Could you still cry with happiness or would it stop you? But the benefits of bubble gum don't stop there. Not only does bubble gum stop tears but chewing can also reduce stress and even help you concentrate!

10 million pieces of gum

With all these wonderful facts about bubble gum is it any wonder it is one the most popular candies in the world?

In fact by some estimates, American Kids spend close to half a billion dollars on bubble gum every year. Here at Zed Candy when you add up all the different gum we sell from Rain-blo to Zappers to Golf Balls we sell over 10 million pieces of gum each year!

Thanks for reading and be sure to tune in next time for more strange and interesting facts about your favourite candy!


ZED :)