How to blow the perfect bubble with bubble gum

Chewing bubble gum has been a pass time for many people across the globe for a number of decades now. But as fun and delicious as chewing bubble gum is, most people would agree that the best don't buy bubble gum just for the flavour. Yes, the flavour is a wonderfully delightful added benefit, but many of us go for that oddly child-like activity that makes even single gum chewer happy - blowing a champion size bubble from your hard candy bubble gum. 

Before you go out and buy yourself a truck load of hard candy bubble gum, we think it is best for you to understand a few fundamental rules about blowing bubbles from your bubble gum. 
Zed_Candy-Blow-Bubble-Gum-Pablo-(1).pngDo not chew too much gum:
Most people assume that the more gum you stick in your mouth the bigger your bubbles will be. The truth of the matter is that you do not need that much gum. If you blow a huge bubble but still feel like you have more gum in your mouth and not enough bubble, the trick isn't to add more gum. What you need is more practice. After all, if you were going for the world record, you would only be allowed three pieces of bubble gum. 
Check the temperature and wind:
Blowing excellent bubbles is a science. If you are going to get awe-inspiring circumference on your bubble, do it inside where there is no wind and you can control the temperature. The temperature should be just right. If it is too cold, your awesome bubble will pop prematurely. If it is too hot then it will sag and that is just not cool. 
Chew for ages first:
It is the sugar and artificial sweetener that makes bubble gum tasty. But it is also what makes it terrible for bubble blowing. Chew through your gum enough so that it has absolutely no sugar or sweetener left. That will make it tough. 
Find the right consistency:
Your gum warms up and becomes more pliable as you chew it. When you blow, it becomes cooler and thus less malleable. Find the right consistency by chewing out the sugar then sticking your tongue through the gum to create a pocket. Make sure that it is malleable enough to create a workable pocket but not to light that your tongue goes right through it or leaves very little gum with which to make the bubble. 
Blow slowly and steadily:
The biggest mistake most people make is they blow too hard, too fast because of excitement. If you want to blow the biggest bubble ever, do not tighten your lips around the gum. Open your mouth so that you are blowing through a much larger hole. This will give you nice and even pressure as you blow. Take slow, even breaths and blow slowly. keep the pressure even so that the gum does not sag but keep blowing slowly so that your gum has time to grow and stretch evenly all around. Keep going until you have a championship size bubble that you can celebrate. 

It takes lots of practice, choosing the right kind of gum and lots of patience. That is how you blow the perfect bubble with bubble gum.
ZED :)